About Sanjh Foundation

Sanjh foundation – a non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving and promoting the culture, traditions and heritage of music, dance and literature. It was a dream to build an institution where all the Cultures, Music and languages of the world can take place under one roof. Sanjh foundation especially focuses on the upcoming generation to provide such an environment where they will not only learn music, dance and language but can also realize the value of different cultural and musical heritage.

Sanjh Foundation

“It was our dream to build the institution dedicated to preserve and promote culture, traditions and heritages of the music, dance and literature of the world. All under one roof.”

Bringing Communities Together

Many of the disciplines we perform, teach, and discuss have an ancient and beautiful history; Sanjh Foundation is striving to connect and integrate that history and its values into our students and community, enriching lives and expanding horizons. With the above-mentioned missions and events, it is our goal to promote an appreciative understanding of the performing arts to our community, and to establish a strong interest in these disciplines for the generations of tomorrow and thereafter.

  • Save kids from drugs and negative culture
  • Create harmony and interest in the community
  • Preserve and promote the music art and culture
  • Inspire students to become artists of tomorrow
  • Promote world peace and harmony
  • Raise the consciousness of human beings
Updates About Our Events

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