Learn more about Sanjh Community Services, Lower Mainland’s most comprehensive social service agency.

Our history

12 years ago, a group of community leaders came together for their neighbors as the needs of the community grew. This group of individuals was not only from different congregations, but from different cultures entirely. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they all believed in a singular idea: if they joined together, the sum of their parts could make something entirely more meaningful. So, with that inspiration in their hearts, their pact became SANJH.

As Sanjh grew over the years, the organization’s efforts were met with widespread support. Community partnerships were made, and our span of help extended to everyone from those experiencing homeless to low-income and under-served men, women, and children throughout lower mainland. Today, with over 250-member congregations, more than 100 volunteers, 30 dedicated staff, and approximately 20,000 unique clients, the SANJH community is more meaningful than ever.

Sanjh stands as something completely unique. With our broad continuum of programs and wide array of services, the resources we provide stabilize and rebuild the lives of people in crisis. Our methods continuously evolve to meet the needs of our community, but our motto stays the same. We are Helping People Help Themselves.

We are Sanjh Community Services.